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Maryland DUI lawyers and MVA hearings

Drunk Driving and driver's license suspension

At the time of arrest for DUI or DWI, the police confiscate your Maryland driver's license, and a temporary driver license is issued to you that expires after 45 days. Once your temporary driver's license expires, your driving privileges are automatically suspended by the MVA.

The time of suspension of your driving privileges by the Maryland MVA can be from 90 days to 1 year, depending on your alcohol test results (or your refusal to take the alcohol tests) and the number of previous offenses you have had. However, if you contact the Maryland MVA and request an Administrative Hearing within 10 days of your offense, you can fight your suspension AND your driving privileges will be extended beyond the automatic 45 days until an MVA hearing has been held. If you lose at your MVA hearing, your license will be suspended by the MVA for the time limits described above. If you win at your MVA hearing, your driving privileges will be protected until the courts render a decision in your criminal case. You can also request a hearing after 10 days and within 30 days of your offense; however, your driving privileges will not be automatically extended after the initial 45 days, even if your hearing is scheduled for a date after the 45 days.

An MVA hearing is conducted by an administrative law judge with Maryland's Office of Administrative Hearings at one of a number of hearing locations across Maryland. Contact one of our Maryland DUI lawyers to discuss your case and be sure that no deadlines pass.

Drunk Driving and driver's license suspension

Now is the time to get a Maryland DUI lawyer. There are many technical defenses to DUI or DWI charges, and it is important to begin to work on your defense as early as possible. We can subpoena breath-testing device records in order to determine whether the equipment was functioning properly when you were administered the chemical test. We can subpoena witnesses to testify on your behalf. We can also determine if you are eligible and seek to obtain a restricted license on your behalf (rather than the complete suspension of your driver's license) at the MVA administrative hearing to allow you to drive to and from your employment, during the course of employment, and to and from an alcohol education or treatment program. In some cases, you may only be eligible for a restricted license if you agree to the installation of an interlock device in their car. A Maryland DUI lawyer will help protect your Maryland driver's license and inform you for all the MVA alternatives that you may be eligible for rather than the suspension of your Maryland driver's license. We will protect your Maryland driving privileges.

Contact a Maryland DUI Lawyer

Our Maryland criminal/DUI lawyers can guide you through the MVA process and help you put your life back together. With offices in Baltimore, Columbia, Frederick and Rockville, we have a location close to you. Contact a DUI lawyer at Edwards Phillip Amourgis, PC for a free, no-obligation, initial consultation.

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